At American Dental Excellence, we like to believe that we’re not your typical dentist. Yes, we offer routine oral care, as well as restorative dental methods. Yes, we offer a variety of services to patients of all ages. But for us, it’s not what we provide but how we provide the services we do, that makes us stand out from the rest of the dental care industry.

Check us out; we’ve designed our clinic to be as accessible and patient-friendly as possible. We then staffed our Westminster location with super friendly, compassionate and caring individuals that just so happen to be dental care experts. And of course, we stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations in dentistry in order to be able to offer you the high-quality, super-effective, even pain-free dentistry options available. Finally, we’re especially proud of the personal relationships that we’ve been able to establish with our patients over the years. We believe that when you treat your clients like friends and family, they’re likely to become friends and family.