Don’t have dental insurance? You’re not alone. Thousands of Americans go every year without dental coverage, yet they still need dental care. They either end up paying out of pocket or don’t see a local dentist that offers no insurance care. A number of factors can play into oral health issues, one of them being not seeing your dentist in Westminster at least twice a year—or as instructed. Furthermore, if you want yourself and your family to have a long life with optimal oral health, you need a dental professional checking your teeth regularly.

In this post, we’ll share how to choose a dentist office that accepts no insurance. It can be tough to get dental care when you don’t have insurance, so how are you supposed to find an office that takes no insurance? At American Dental Excellence in Westminster, we understand the struggle. That’s why we offer a payment plan to assist your financial dental needs. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

How To See A Dentist When You Have No Insurance

You’ll want to be diligent with your research on finding a local no insurance dentist. It can be time-consuming to find a local Westminster dentist who offers dental care for those without dental insurance; however, it is possible.

Tip# 1 – Search The Internet

Use a search engine and type in phrases like “no insurance dentist Westminster” to see if there is a local dental office near you that provides dental care without outside coverage. In most cases, you will find one, two, or three offices that do offer in-house payment plans.

Tip #2 – Call Colleagues, Friends, And Family

It may seem disheartening to call people you know to ask if they know of a no insurance dentist in the area; however, you’d be surprised at how many people have health insurance but no dental coverage. You may find that someone you know has been through the same situation as you and has a Dentist in Westminster they can refer you to.



Tip #3 – Find A Community Dental Clinic

All states provide a low-cost or free dental care clinics to its residents. You can call your local hospital or dental schools to find out where these community dental clinics are located, and then proceed with scheduling an appointment. Finally, you can check with your state’s dental association to find out more.

Your No-Insurance Westminster Dentist

It can be tough to afford dental treatment on your own. Dental insurance is expensive, too. This is why American Dental Excellence in Westminster is a no insurance dental office. We understand if you’re having a tough time affording dental care, but we want to see you, anyway. Your oral health should be a priority, and we want you to live a long, healthy life. We offer an in-house payment plan called the Elm Savings Plan. It affords individuals and families the ability to receive optimal dental care without needing insurance to cover them.

Are you ready to visit a dentist? Give American Dental Excellence a call today!