At American Dental Excellence in Westminster, teeth are something we see day in and day out. We want to make sure our patient’s teeth are always in great shape and their oral health is top notch. That is why we have an amazing dentist on staff who is here for all your dental needs and concerns as well as a friendly atmosphere to keep you feeling comfortable.

Even though we see teeth every day, that doesn’t mean that they still don’t fascinate us. Teeth are a very interesting part of the human body and have a lot of unique facts. In this next post, we are going over some pretty neat dental facts you can show off to your family friends.

Fun and Interesting Facts from Our Dentist

Wait, How Much Saliva?

Saliva, also known as your spit, helps keep your mouth and teeth moisturized, which actually aids in the prevention of decay and cavities. This is why when you come to our dental office with dry mouth, that causes concern. Germs tend to thrive in hot dry environments, such as your mouth, Luckily, most of the time our body’s production has us covered. It is estimated that we produce about an entire quart of saliva daily. If that sounds like a lot, think about over our lifespan. In your entire life, it is probable that you will produce about 10,000 gallons of saliva. While this might seem unsettling, just keep remembering that all this spit is protecting your teeth from different acids, germs, and keeps your breath smelling fresh.

A Smile Speaks Volumes

Many of us are aware when you make a first impression there is always a handshake in a professional setting, and possibly a hug in a casual scenario. However, you unconsciously should be smiling as well. Most people consider the first thing they notice about someone their pearly whites. So it is important to make sure your teeth are clean, healthy, and ready for anything. So, when preparing for your next date instead of focusing on your outfit, makeup, or what cologne you may wear, make sure you also prepare your teeth for the occasion as well, by brushing, using a mouth rinse, and of course flossing.

Don’t Mess With Tooth Enamel

The outer layer of your tooth is hard to the touch, and for good reason. Enamel is the hardest part of the body. Teeth are designed to last our entire lifetime, which is why they are so durable. While you may believe that your bones are the strongest part of the body, think about how difficult it is to break a healthy tooth? Keep your teeth healthy like nature intended and you should have the same smile shining back at you for decades to come.

That’s What’s in My Mouth?

While we touched on the amount of saliva in your mouth and how it helps protect your oral health, it is wise you know what is actually going on in there. In your mouth, on a daily basis, there are thousands upon thousands of microscopic organisms. They are just hanging out, and potentially wreaking havoc on your teeth. While you go about your business, they are eating, reproducing, and disposing of waste. That’s why it is so imperative to keep brushing your teeth diligently at least twice a day. These organisms should not be invited to a party in your mouth, so remember to evict them at least twice a day.

You Brush a Lot

We hope that twice a day doesn’t seem like an over-exuberant amount to brush your teeth, but if you factor in time, it is quite a large amount. Over your lifetime it’s likely you will have brushed your teeth for a total of 74 days. That is over two months of straight brushing! Each year that adds up to about a full 24 hours. Additionally, with all this brushing, you use about twenty gallons of toothpaste. Hopefully, Costco® can keep their stock up.

Why Do We Brush So Much?

Many people are unaware we have been brushing twice a day for only a few decades. Back during World War II brushing wasn’t such a priority, except for the soldiers. When men were serving their time overseas, they were required to brush their teeth twice a day to ensure they stayed healthy and could keep fighting when needed most. When the men returned from the war they brought this good habit back to the States.

White Wasn’t Always the Best Color

Like most people, you probably try to achieve the whitest smile possible. Having pearly whites is not a new concept, but back in medieval times, it was actually frowned upon. In Japan, during this time frame, white teeth were regarded as unattractive. Women would then create pastes to stain their teeth made out of things like roots and ink. A Japanese woman’s goal was to have teeth as black as night, not as white as the moon.

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