If Only Your Teeth Could Talk


Here at American Dental Excellence, we look at teeth differently than the average person. You see, dear reader, we around teeth all the time. We see them at their best, we see them at their worst, and, as part of our jobs, we do everything within our power to make sure that they are as happy and healthy as possible. Making sure that your teeth are healthy is one of the most important things that a person can do in relation to their overall health. More than people think, teeth can lead to a host of health problems including gum disease, stroke, heart attack, and stomach conditions. Because our teeth don’t “feel” in the same way as other areas of our body, it can be easy for a person to remember that they are just as alive as your fingers or toes. To bring more of a human element to teeth, we are going to use today’s post to go over some of the things that your teeth would tell you if they were able to speak. Keep reading to learn more about oral health from the perspective of your teeth

Clean us. We need it.

Listen, we get it. You just got done chowing down on a juicy bacon, bleu cheese monster burger with as many toppings as you could fit on the bun. At this point in time, you want nothing more than to relax, loosen your pants, and digest your tasty meal. Unfortunately, we need you to do something for us. We need you to give us a bath. While you were shoving as much of that burger into your mouth as you could with each and every bite, you were simultaneously shoving food particles in between us. Considering we don’t have arms, or really any form of locomotion, we need you to do us a favor and take some time to clean us. We aren’t saying that you have to give us a full brushing but please, please give us a quick rinse with some water or take a toothpick to our spaces. Doing this will help us stay healthy.

Treat us well and avoid bad food.

We know that you aren’t going to eat only kale and broccoli. We know that you aren’t going to avoid all sugar. We know that, occasionally, you’re going to expose us to food that wants to kill us. We’re here to tell you that that is completely fine. You’re a human; you can make the choices that you want to make. All we ask is that you don’t eat Starbursts for a month straight without taking some extra measures to ensure that we are happy also. If you’re going to chow down on candy for a month straight, maybe invest in some mouthwash. If you really want to spoil us, make sure that you brush your teeth after eating anything with tons of sugar, acid, or dark coloring. If you do this, we promise we won’t complain about what you eat.

Join us again next time as we continue to look at your oral health needs from the perspective of your teeth and be sure to visit our website to learn more about the dental services that we offer patients in the Westminster area.