Hi, and welcome to our brand new dental blog! We are so excited to unveil to you our brand new and improved website along with our blog that will be updated with wonderful tips on oral care, dental procedures we offer, and fun facts about your teeth! Our dental blog is going to be a great source for dental tips and tricks, as well as prepping for dental procedures and easing your concerns when it comes to visiting our office in Westminster.

At American Dental Excellence, we want to ensure you a wonderful dental experience. Our dentist is well trained and has been in this line of business for many years. He is diligent and thorough and will make sure you are always feeling comfortable during your appointment. He is patient-focused and wants to always help you achieve the smile you deserve.

In our first blog post, we thought it’s important to go over reasons why you come see our dentist in Westminster every six months. Going for your semi-annual check-ups is imperative to your teeth and oral health. Let’s focus on some reasons why coming to our dental clinic is so important.

Reasons for Dental Check Ups

Screenings for Oral Cancer

The word cancer is something you hear and immediately know something is serious. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of forms of cancer and you need to be going to different medical professions to get check-ups for prevention. In our case, we want to help you avoid oral cancer. Oral cancer is a very debilitating disease that is not obvious to notice. Early signs of oral cancer may be missed and then the disease becomes life threatening. Coming to our dental clinic in Westminster, ensures your safety because our dentist will be screening for this disease. Our dentist will be able to recognize signs of the disease much sooner than you might.

Cavities and Plaque

You may be a brusher extraordinaire in your home, brushing twice a day for two minutes at a forty-five-degree angle every time, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to what’s lurking in your mouth. There are spots you may miss, especially when you don’t floss every day. Coming to our dentist, you will be able to get a thorough cleaning that will get rid of any leftover plaque and even tartar if it’s built up to that extent. When you don’t take care of your teeth and let plaque sit on them for long periods of time, this is how cavities are formed. Remember, a cleaning is far less expensive than cavities, or other tooth decay dental work. So, keep your money in your pocket for things you really want or need. As long as you are following a diligent brushing and oral care routine along with coming to see our dentist in Westminster, you shouldn’t have to worry about cavities at all!

Gum Issues

When you don’t take care of your chompers, not only will your teeth begin to decay, but your gums will also follow suit. When you don’t brush at the right angle or don’t brush twice a day, there could be an infection forming where your tooth meets your gum. This can cause your gums to be swollen, red, irritated, and possibly recede from your teeth. If you have these symptoms, you possibly have gingivitis and this needs to be treated right away. If your gingivitis becomes severe, it then turns into gum disease, which can lead to your teeth falling out altogether. If you were to let your teeth get to this extent of damage, you can expect to spend a costly amount to repair what could have been prevented. Our dentist in Westminster is a great source for check ups and cleanings.

Nix Bad Habits

We all have a bad habit we can’t break. It might be biting our nails, an addiction to soda, or smoking. If your bad habits involve your oral health, our dentist can help address the issue and give you tips and tricks on how to stop, so you can maintain your smile. For instance, chewing ice may seem harmless from time to time, but in actuality, this can be detrimental to your teeth. If you notice your jaw is sore in the morning because you have been grinding your teeth, this can cause serious complications down the road. Keeping an eye on your bad habits will ensure your oral health.


Every so often, when you come to our dental office, you may be asked to have a round of dental images done. X-rays are extremely important to our dentist because this is how he views what’s going on with your mouth under the gumline. Our dentist will be able to diagnose problems you may not have been aware of, because of these dental images.For example, if you have impacted teeth due to wisdom teeth trying to push through our dentist will be able to catch it before serious complications arise. We always want to ensure you are getting the best and utmost care, and that is why we suggest doing dental x-rays at least once a year.

Schedule a Dental Appointment Today!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to come to American Dental Excellence in Westminster every six months. Our dentist and dental staff have your oral health as a priority and are always looking for ways to help you obtain the best smile. Going to the dentist regularly will ensure your gums are healthy, teeth are clean, and that you stay cancer-free. Our dentist will also be able to give you tips on how to better your oral care and how to break habits if you have them. So, make sure to schedule your next dental appointment with our dental office in Westminster. You will be greeted with a warm smile and a staff who is ready to take care of all your dental needs. We look forward to seeing you! Also, keep checking back our blog for regular postings and updates all about your teeth, gums, and dental procedures!