Dental Bonding in Westminster

At American Dental Excellence in Westminster, we include dental bonding in our general dentistry services. This is because we offer plenty of other, more complex and long-term services beyond a simple bonding. But how do you know if you need dental bonding? First, schedule a dental cleaning with our Westminster dentists office where we can examine your tooth and gum health to prevent future damage and work. Within this appointment, we willbe able to tell you if you’ll need to invest in bonding. The process entails a tooth-colored resin that is applied to areas of the tooth where decay, chipping, or fracturing has occurred and discolored the tooth. While it is considered cosmetic dentistry, it can improve the integrity of the tooth as well as creating a consistency in the shape and color of your teeth. At times, bonding is needed to enforce the structural integrity of the tooth to fill spaces between gaps or replace amalgam fillings. Some dentists will even suggest bonding to make the teeth look longer or to cover the decaying portion of a tooth that has been exposed by receding gums. If you’re interested in bonding or other cosmetic dentistry services, feel free to contact American Dental Excellence. We offer a dynamic set of cosmetic dental services that are specially curated by experienced dentists to give you the best smile possible. If you’re interested in cosmetic dentist services, but you don’t have health insurance, we’re prepared to help. We offer no insurance dentist services to the Westminster area because everyone deserves to have a dazzling smile.



Curious about what sorts of services our general dentistry includes? Find our information about our various general and cosmetic services here. Our wide selection of services is provided to give our client’s as many options for how to approach the health of their teeth as possible.