Need a Dentist With No Insurance?

Many Americans look at that sign-up sheet for dental insurance, shrug and move on. That’s because it’s tedious, and it doesn’t ever feel like you need it, until you really need it, much like life insurance. Don’t worry if you didn’t think it was worth the money either, you’re not alone, with around 114 million Americans doing exactly the same thing. With that being said, sometimes terrible things happen, like a tooth rots or starts to hurt incessantly. In this case scenario, you’re faced with an option: go to the dentist with no insurance or suffer. Don’t fret, there’s plenty of dentists that are willing to do work at a reasonable cost for those without dental insurance.

The first bit you’ll have to understand is what defines an urgent issue, and an issue that can wait. If you have an injured jaw, pain or swelling, incessant bleeding, or a loose or knocked out tooth, you’re going to have to come in. Among the lesser emergencies, you can include things like fillings, bridges, or crowns, as well as broken and cracked teeth, dull toothaches and damaged retainers. These are unpleasant, but are not an emergency like the others. It is recommended that you go to a dentist who accepts no insurance pretty quickly for any issues like this, as they’re known for getting much worse very fast, so it’s best to handle them out the door.