Emergency Care

What constitutes a dental emergency? Though it seems that many oral health issues can maybe “wait until tomorrow,” there are true urgent matters regarding dental health that must be handled immediately. As a patient-focused dentist, we strive to be available whenever these stressful, and often quite painful, events arise. Though they are rare, dental emergencies should be handled by knowledgeable experts and treated with urgency.

If you have experienced any of the following, we implore you to call us right away:

  • Broken jaw
  • Broken or cracked tooth
  • Knocking out of a permanent tooth
  • Object caught between teeth
  • Severe toothache

Though we are available most hours of the day, if you have trouble getting through to our emergency line after hours, please call 911 instead. Our priority is to do our best to treat you as soon as possible in order to protect your long-term oral health. Please call American Dental Excellence Phone Number 303-920-4900 now.