In Office Savings Plan

No Insurance? We Have a Solution.

Welcome to the American Dental Excellence Savings Plan.
A completely new concept in dental savings.

The Elm Savings Plan allows individuals and families to receive quality dental care from a dentist they know and trust. This membership plan allows you to have the same benefits you have come to expect but at a reduced rate dependent on the monthly plan you participate in. This is not an insurance but an opportunity provided to you by your dental office.

Everyone agrees that the decisions about your dental health is best left between you and your treating dentist without a third party insurance plan involved. Since this membership is not dictated by a third party insurance provides all the decisions regarding your care are decided between you and your treating dentist. This plan provides significant benefits for you and your family to get coverage up to 100% for preventative and diagnostic services.


  • Your acceptance is guaranteed
  • No wondering whether insurance will pay toward your treatment needs
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • Dentist handles the discounts for you
  • No pre­authorization requirements
  • No pre­existing condition limitations
  • No ID card
  • No Group Number
  • No complicated forms to fill out
  • No red tape

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