Ideally, your natural teeth would last forever. However, even after years of brushing twice daily, flossing, and always visiting our dental clinic for your regular check up twice a year, you may still have lost a tooth, whether through injury or infection. Fortunately, whether you have lost one tooth or several, we have the solution: dental implants. Implants not only help you restore your smile, they are also good for your oral health.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root that is placed into the jawbone via surgery. The root is made out titanium, a metal that is used in many surgeries because it pairs well with human bone. Then, a replacement tooth is attached to this synthetic root, either in a way that is removable or permanent.

Who Can Get a Dental Implant?

Non-smokers with healthy gums and good oral hygiene habits are the best candidates for dental implants. They must also have enough bone in their jaw for the synthetic root to be placed. If you are unsure whether or not dental implants are for you, come into our Westminster dental clinic, and we will help you determine whether it is the right choice for your needs.

How Many Implants Can I Get?

Fortunately, you have many options when it comes to dental implants. If you only have one tooth that needs to be replaced, we can fit you with one implant and a replacement tooth. If several teeth are missing in a row, implants can be placed to support a dental bridge. If you are missing all of your teeth, we can install implants strategically throughout your jawbone and install a permanent bridge or denture in your mouth.

Why Should I Get Implants Instead of Traditional Dentures or Bridges?

Traditional dentures and bridges are removable, meaning that they are not fixed to the bone. This means that they are less stable, and therefore, more difficult to use. Implants are a more natural looking and easier to use alternative to dentures. Bridges and dentures also rely on the adjacent teeth for support, which puts more stress on them can have a negative impact on your oral health. Implants are not only better for your teeth, they are longer lasting; while bridges usually don’t last longer than a decade, implants are designed to last for your lifetime.

How Do You Care For Dental Implants?

After we have placed replacement teeth in your mouth, you can care for them as you did your natural teeth. Brush twice daily, floss once daily, and visit our dental office in Westminster for checkups as often as is recommended by your dentist. Take care of your dental implants, and you will have a bright smile for years to come.

You don’t have to live with missing teeth. Restore your smile and your confidence with dental implants! Looking for a dentist in Westminster to place implants? We can help! Contact American Dental Excellence for an appointment with our dental clinic.