As a traditional means of replacing teeth, dentures help to retain a great smile while allowing wearers to eat and speak normally. Specializing in both full and partial dentures, we construct our patients’ dentures to be custom-fit to their mouth structure, ensuring a more functional and reliable fit. Being completely removable, both full and partial dentures require nightly cleaning.

At ADE, we’ve worked to become recognized for our expertise in both general and cosmetic dentistry. Backed by years of education and experience, we are able to offer our valued patients custom-fit, high-quality dentures. Because of their affordability and convenience, dentures remain one of the most popular tooth replacement options available in restorative dentistry today. With modern advances in engineering and materials, dentures are more natural-looking and better fitting, lasting for decades and allowing convenient care and upkeep.

Available as partial bridges, upper or lower dentures and full sets, dentures by the American Dental Excellence team are a quick, affordable solution for anybody embarrassed and limited by missing teeth.

Almost any patient can wear dentures comfortably without issue. Find out if you are a candidate for dentures by contacting our Westminster location now.