Though we do everything we can to avoid having to pull a tooth, there are instances where tooth extraction is the best option. Approaching extraction as a last ditch effort, we first try everything we can to save the affected tooth in order to protect the long-term health and functionality of your entire mouth. When we do have to make that decision, we take the time to make your extraction as gentle and pain-free as possible.

Thanks to advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, extractions are becoming less and less of a pressing need. Anymore, there are just a few issues that require removal of a tooth. Extractions in children are only usually called for if a baby tooth is preventing the healthy growth of a permanent tooth or its health is detrimental to the health of the surrounding teeth. In adults, extensive decay, where the tooth cannot be saved, is often the cause for an extraction. The most common tooth removal procedure, however, is the removal of wisdom teeth. Many adults simply don’t have the jaw formation or the space in their oral cavity to properly allow the growth of wisdom teeth. In order to avoid the shifting and displacement of other healthy teeth, the extraction of the offending molars is required.

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