Restoring the strength and functionality to teeth, fillings are one of the most common dental techniques. Meant to protect the tooth from further decay or damage, both amalgam and composite fillings can be placed within a single visit after a thorough exam and cleaning. Most often used to fill cavities, fillings can also to help build structure to improve biting and chewing.

At American Dental Excellence, our team has placed thousands of fillings, practically making us experts in their use. During your visit, we’ll quickly determine if a filling is the proper method to address your dental issue and construct an affordable and convenient plan for the placement of the filling.

After administering anesthesia, we’ll gently prep and clean the area and fill the tooth with either amalgam or composite material, depending on where the filling is needed and if it will be visible when smiling or speaking. Caring for your filling is as simple as caring for the rest of your teeth and should last for about 15 to 20 years.

Find out if a filling is right for your oral health needs by contacting our patient care team now.