Like most anything valuable and worthwhile in life, your teeth require consistent attention and care. Though engaging in good oral hygiene practices on a daily basis is always the first step to a healthy mouth, more intensive measures are often needed in order to protect the strength and functionality of your teeth and gums. Providing our own special brand of patient-focused dental care, we proudly offer a variety of general dentistry services, keeping you and your family proudly smiling every day. These services include


Regular Exams and Cleaning

Never to be overlooked or diminished in importance, routine exams and cleanings allow us a vivid picture of your overall oral health, pinpointing problems before they become painful issues. Keeping gum disease at bay and reducing the possibility of advancing tooth decay, a comprehensive exam, performed every six months, helps to ensure a strong, healthy and beautiful smile.



There are few people who get to claim a naturally-perfect smile. Fortunately, for the rest of us, there’s cosmetic dentistry. Less expensive than more comprehensive procedures, tooth bonding allows those of us who are embarrassed by chipped, discolored or crooked teeth to easily repair the aesthetic problem. Made to match the color of your natural teeth, bonding is a great, inexpensive alternative to veneers.


Dental Bridges

Replacing missing teeth, covering gaps and creating more of a full bite, dental bridges are custom-made cosmetic dental appliances that help enhance your smile. Protecting the long-term functionality of your teeth, bridges help maintain the shape of your face and are bonded onto surrounding teeth for greater support.



Meant as a means to protect vulnerable teeth from damage or decay, dental sealants are most often applied during childhood, though many adults also benefit from their use. Adding a protective layer on the surface of the tooth, sealants protect against decay, enamel loss and cavities. Forming a tough bond across the small cracks and grooves on your teeth, sealants generally last from three to five years.



Providing a high-quality, long-lasting alternative to bonding, veneers let patients experience a bright, perfectly straight row of teeth. Disguising misshapen, gapped and discolored teeth, veneers are thin, custom-fit shells made from tooth-colored porcelain. Though some tooth adjustments and prep is needed, veneers are easily placed over your existing teeth, achieving the look of an attractive smile.


Periodontal Disease Care

With gum disease being one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults, it is imperative that infections are kept to a minimum and that disease is kept in check. By always keeping your regular visits you can avoid gum disease and its issues. Checking for signs of disease, such as receding gums and gaps between the teeth and gums, we can help halt the progression, keeping your teeth and facial bones in their best and healthiest conditions.

As your favorite dentist in Westminster, we can’t wait to see your smiling face. Schedule your next dental check-up and cleaning with us now to experience the ADE difference.