At American Dental Excellence, we pride ourselves on being a Top Rated Local® dental clinic in Westminster that is always on the cutting edge of technology. We believe that the innovations of dental technology of recent history have the potential to make maintaining good oral health easier than ever, so we are always early adopters of the latest dental technology. Our intraoral camera is no exception!

Intraoral Camera: What You Need to Know

Prevention is the most important part of dental health, and one of the areas in which dental technology has been rapidly evolving. X-rays provide valuable insight into what is going on with your teeth; however, they cannot give a complete image of everything in your mouth. That is where intraoral cameras come into the picture. With an intraoral camera, we are able to see the entirety of your mouth in detail, allowing your dentist to see any cracks, plaque build up, cavities, and worn enamel. Because we can assess your teeth at this level of detail, we are able to intervene earlier, ensuring your treatment is not as invasive or expensive.

The intraoral camera is roughly the size of the small mirror used during your six-month checkup. In fact, you would likely never notice its use if it weren’t for the fact that you can see exactly what is going on in your mouth. This powerful tool allows you to become intimately familiar with the condition of your teeth so you can fully understand your treatment options and what would be best given your teeth in particular.

At American Dental Excellence, we are proud to use this type of technology to help you achieve optimal oral health. Contact us today to learn more about how our Westminster health clinic can help you with our intraoral camera.